NHVTA Certified Technician Membership

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Membership Benefits

  • Certification and Certification Certificate for new and renewing CVTs
  • Membership card entitling you to complimentary or discounted registration at select NHVTA sponsored seminars. Membership card must be presented to ensure you are not charged an attendance fee.
  • NHVTA email updates and up-to-date information on upcoming NHVTA seminars.
  • Participate in decision-making processes that will impact our future as Veterinary Technicians.


Who Can Join?

For more information about certification in New Hampshire visit our Certification page.


Membership Classifications

We are currently accepting 2015 membership applications. Applications take 4-6 weeks to process. After March 1 of year of intended certification all applicants will be charged an additional $25.00 late fee.

We accept payment via check or Credit Card. If you mail a check please make sure that your name is on the check!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We use PayPal to process our credit card payments. A PayPal account is NOT required to process payment. Once you have reached the payment screen click on “Don’t Have A PayPal Account?” and you will then be prompted to enter your payment info without needing a PayPal account.


New Certification – $35.00

For new CVT’s. Includes membership through next year. Submit your application and payment along with proof of your passing VTNE score and a copy of your diploma from an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology program.

Learn more about Certification in New Hampshire

** Note: a passing VTNE score does not automatically certify you in the State of NH. You must also submit an application to the NHVTA with the required documentation and fee**

If you are CVT, LVT or RVT with current certification in another state (if you used another state’s loophole) please see information about Reciprocity below.


  • Please make sure you include an active email that you check on a regular basis on your application!


Submit online application for Certification as a Veterinary Technician in New Hampshire


Renewal Membership – $25.00

Certified Veterinary Technicians are required to re-certify every year by December 31st (for the upcoming year). Twelve (12) CE credits are required to re-certify. Submit your proof of CE Credits with your application.

  • Credits for 2016 Certification must be obtained between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.
  • For 2016 the NHVTA will be moving to decrease our use of paper. We no longer require physical copies of your CEU. Please use the online form to submit your renewal application. You do not need to send us the physical copies. We will be auditing a percentage of our membership annually. It is your responsibility to keep your proof of CEU. In the event that you are audited you will be required to present proof of the CEU you obtained. If proof is not available your certification is subject to revocation.
  • If you submit more than 12 CEUs for any one year’s certification they will not carry over for use in the following year.
  • The NHVTA reserves the right to refuse to approve CE credit from seminars that were not approved by the NHVTA if these seminars are deemed to be inappropriate or of poor quality.
  • Renewals submitted after March 1st, 2016 will need to pay a $25 late fee before the paperwork is processed.
  • Please make sure you include an active email that you check on a regular basis on your application!


Submit your NHVTA Renewal Online


Full Membership for Technicians Licensed in Another State (Reciprocity) – $35.00

Are you a Certified/Licensed/Registered Veterinary Technician in another state? If so we honor reciprocity. Submit the application and fee along with a copy of your current license.

  • Please make sure you include an active email that you check on a regular basis on your application!


Submit your online application for CVT Reciprocity in New Hampshire


Lapsed Membership? – NHVTA Amnesty Policy for Technicians with Lapsed Certifications

The NHVTA offers an Amnesty Program for those technicians whose certification may have lapsed. Certification is considered lapsed if it is overdue by one year. Applicants must include an Amnesty Application Form for each year missed, listing 12 CEU for each year missed. The CEU’s do not have to be from the missed year, but 12 for each missed year are required. A total payment of $75 per year lapsed is required.

Note: Amnesty Program does not apply if you have a current certification/license in another state. If that is the case apply for reciprocity.

Time Limit: An NH certification will go into expired status if not renewed for 4 consecutive years. Expired certifications must appeal to the board for reinstatement and will be required to reapply for NH registration and meet all of the standard requirements.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or  Contact us!